Essay on education system in bihar


This school in Bihar remains functional for one girl in Class I. While there are a few students enrolled in other grades, the school remains functional because of the consistent attendance of. Education system in bihar Explanation Bihar has been a major centre of learning and home to the universities of Nalanda one of the earliest universities of India dating back to the fifth century and Vikramashila. Manoj Kumar Yadav, an LLB student of the college, pointed out that no party manifesto speaks about the main education system, even though education is important for the development of Bihar.


Essay on education system in bihar
Bhagalpur, the second largest city of Bihar state, is hub for elementary education as The Bihar Education Project BEP Bhagalpur and has introduced various schemes to educate people in all urban or rural areas of country, One of the schemes running by this program is “Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan” which is working with state government covering whole country and making education free and compulsory for age 6 to 14 year age children. Adam’s Report on education in Bengal, Bihar. Through 3 surveys gives you number of schools, languages used, four stages of school instruction, Sanskrit learning and provision of elementary education for all section. Education system in India Essay In India, the percentage of educated people is much less compared to other countries. Approximately 100 percent of the population in England, Russia, and Japan are literate.


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Education system in India Education System in India Essay There is a need for long-term change in the format ranging from basic to higher education. There is lot of expectations from the Modi Government to the countrymen. With 64.75 per cent Bihar School Examination Board BSEB candidates for Class XII failing; and a 42-year old father of two belonging to the scheduled caste counterfeiting his way to the top of the Arts stream 2017 results, the Biharis do have a grim realization that their State is at an advanced stage of decay in education.


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Our Bihar Essay. In the north-east part of India, Bihar is is at the11th position in India's area of Bihar is 94,163 square length is 483km from east to width is 345 km from north to south. In the north of Bihar, there is the south of Bihar Jharkhand is situated. In the north Indian state of Bihar, education has been improving faster than in the rest of the country. But as this column reminds us, Bihar is starting from the bottom. For education to continue to improve, Bihar needs to universally provide drinking water facilities.

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