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Browse our range of biography and autobiography books with Free UK Delivery on Orders Over £20. From celebrity stories, music memoirs and sporting tales to political and literary biographies. A biography from the Greek words bios meaning "life", and graphos meaning "write" is a non-fictional account of a person's life. Biographies are written by an author who is not the subject/focus of the book. Let’s move on to 2019 biography finalist Mark Lamster’s The Man in the Glass House Philip Johnson, Architect of the Modern Century. Could you tell me a little bit about this book? Bald Philip Johnson with his black, classic, round eye-glasses may be a familiar image to some.


Modern biographies
A modern biography is a story about some one written by someone else. You might get biography with autobiography, which is different. You can pretty much find a modern biography anywhere online. Biography Amelia Peláez y de Casal was born in the second year of Cuba’s final liberation war against Spain on January 5th, 1896 in Yaguajay, the province of Las Villas, Cuba. Her family was part of the Cuban-Creole middle class, and was well-off both economically and socially as her father was the County Doctor Manuel Peláez y Laredo. Welcome to Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Over 60,000 biographies, 72 million words, 11,000 portraits of significant, influential or notorious figures who shaped British history – perform advanced search


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This biography is frequently hyped as a perfect example of modern biography, and all-time best example in the English language. This masterpiece of James Boswell has covered the whole life of the ubiquitous literary writer Samuel Johnson, with whom Boswell was well-acquainted. Massive selection of new and used Modern Biographies. Acquire your favorite Modern Biographies at low prices. Free U. S. shipping over $10.


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This list of highly recommended contemporary biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs written for young adults includes life lessons about making choices, overcoming monumental challenges, and having the courage to be a voice for positive change. Modern biography. The sciences of psychology and sociology were ascendant at the turn of the 20th century and would heavily influence the new century's biographies. The demise of the "great man" theory of history was indicative of the emerging mindset. Human behavior would be explained through Darwinian theories. "Sociological" biographies.

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